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Felted Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3 Assorted Colours

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Wool dryer balls give you a safe, non-toxic way of preventing wrinkles and static cling in your dryer in addition to reducing drying time. Add a couple drops of your fav essential oil to each ball and toss them in for a safe, non-chemical scent (just make sure that the oil soaks in and dries prior to use!)

These are handmade by my husband and I; we use a wet felting process. Each ball is made using 55 grams of 100% virgin Canadian sheep wool from Alberta. They are a little bigger than a tennis ball.

They save you money by:
• Reducing dry time (up to 60%) by creating loft in your dryer (air pockets) that produces an even dry
• Helping to getting rid of static cling and wrinkles so no more dryer sheets
• Lasting up to 5 years! Thousands of washes

Since wool tends to suck up moisture, it will “steal” it from your clothes and then evenly distribute it into the air – which will help your dryer stay humid longer which in turn reduces static cling. In addition this action will cause your clothes to dry quicker and come out with fewer wrinkles.

They are eco-friendly:
• Made by natural and renewable fibers
• No yucky chemicals
• Safe for all members of your family!

They’re also really great cat toys, but if you give one to kitty don’t expect to get it back!

These dryer balls are wet-felted and have been processed twice to ensure durability and a high quality product :)

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