Oh Canada Maple Leaf Vintage Canadian Style Sweater

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Intermediate/advanced pattern.

Skills Required:

Combination of Fair Isle Knitting and Intarsia
Decreasing (PSSO)
Ability to read and follow a graph pattern

Finished sizes in this pattern:

Small (32")
Medium (36")
Large (40")
Extra Large (44")

Gauge: 11 stitches and 15 rows = 4 inches on 7.5mm (11 US) needles

Materials: Unspun 5 or 6 ply pure wool (227 gram/8 oz cakes - maximum of 10 cakes.)

Special Techniques Used: Combination of Fair Isle Knitting and Intarsia, Increasing, Decreasing (PSSO)

Finished Measurements:

Back Width - 16
Length - 24.5
Underarm Sleeve - 15.5

Back Width - 18
Length - 25
Underarm Sleeve - 17

Back Width - 20
Length - 27
Underarm Sleeve - 18

Extra Large
Back Width - 22
Length - 29
Underarm Sleeve - 19

*Length and Underarm sleeve measurements include ribbing

Pattern is in English only and is in chart form.

This listing is for the pattern only and not a finished item. Refunds are not given on digital download products, however should you have any questions about the pattern I'd be happy to offer any assistance I can.

Copyright Information: This pattern and the images contained within are protected by copyright and are for personal use only. The pattern and associated images may not be resold as your own design, copied or re-distributed in any way.

Any items made from this design may be sold at your discretion but I require a reference or link for my design. When selling items online you must use your own photographs and mine are not to be used to sell your item.